Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Keeping Up With My Family AND The Campaign

As a proud grandmother, I was thrilled when my son Matthew asked if I wished to see my youngest grandson, Travis, play in a South Texas PGA Junior Tour tournament that was held recently in Lakeway, Texas. He is 13-years old, and has been playing tournament golf for four years now. This past year he's been taking golf lessons once a week from a golf pro at a local Country Club. He plays mostly against 14- and 15-year-olds, who are larger than he is. However, he has placed in more than one tournament.. I believe he will eventually win a big one, as he keeps improving. I only saw the last 9 holes of his tournament. Even though his dad said he was a little off his game, I enjoyed every minute of watching him. He was so professional and serious about it, it was hard to remember him as the babe in arms I held once upon a time.

Here is a short video of Travis playing in the last tournament held in March at Berry Creek Country Club in Georgetown, Texas. His Uncle Craig said, "I wish I had his swing!"

Audrey & Rob

Granddaughter Audrey recently interviewed for what her mother called "her dream job" in Lake Tahoe. It is with an environmental firm, and if she gets the job, she will spend her first year in Lake Tahoe. Next she will be sent to Denver. Audrey's enthusiastic about it, so it must mean she will be doing a lot of field work -- which she really enjoys. The mountains will be big adventures as well! Here's hoping this works out for her. If she accepts it, she will be moving in May. I will miss having her close, but she's one of the millennials who is making a difference in our world. You go, girl!

Since moving to Austin, Audrey has played with the Central Texas Medical Orchestra, First Chair, Second Violin. Her mother came to hear her play in concert in February, and said it was magnificent. The proceeds from the concert went to the charity Wonders & Worries, which provides professional support for children through a parent's illness.

Audrey is to bring Rob for a visit next weekend. I have heard great things about him from her family.

Allison & Cameron

Grandson Cameron and "best friend" Allison performed a musical revue together at the Songbird Live theater in Cleburne, Texas this past Saturday night. They sang Broadway tunes for about an hour and a half. Allison, besides being beautiful, has a doctorate in music, teaches music in high school, and is planning to teach at the university level. She has sung professionally in operatic productions. What a perfect couple they make. I'm looking forward to Cameron bringing her to meet this Grandmama. In the meantime, Cameron continues to serve the Fort Worth Unitarian youth with exuberance. I know they are having a great time with the classes and outings he plans for them.


Some of my readers might have noticed that I haven't posted anything on this blog in quite some time. I have been so upset over the campaign for the Presidency that every time I tried to write, something else disturbing would happen. I'm talking about the GOP campaign. Of course, I'm not the only one in the country who feels this way. Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our great nation. I don't feel he could ever win the Presidency, however, the fact that so many people are supporting him says something almost as disturbing. What kind of people would believe all the nasty, bigoted, downright stupid opinions he raves on about? Do they really believe as he says -- that he will build a wall to keep the Mexican immigrants out and make Mexico pay for it? How do they feel about repealing the Affordable Care Act? Many of these same voters were uninsured until its passage. On foreign policy, he says he "will totally dismantle Iran's global terror network".. He wants to bring back waterboarding and other means of torture.. He wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.. I could go on, but if you have a television you cannot have missed any of his narcissistic ravings.
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But then, there is Ted Cruz. Senator Lindsey Graham hit the nail on the head when he said having to choose between Trump or Cruz was like choosing between "being shot or taking poison". Cruz and his followers are much more dangerous than Trump. His father Rafael, an evangelical Christian pastor who believes in a form of Christianity known as Dominionism, believes that "anointed Christians are destined to take over the government and create in practice, if not in official terms, a theocracy. Rafael Cruz also endorsed the evangelical belief known as the 'end-time transfer of wealth' - that is, as a prelude to the second coming of Christ, God will seize the wealth of the wicked and redistribute it to believers." "In 2013, several prominent Dominionist pastors at a ceremony in Iowa blessed and anointed Ted Cruz, rendering him, in their view, a 'king' who would help usher in the kingdom of Christ." Mother Jones      King Ted Cruz?

I'm sorry, but I have a hard time not thinking that the above two candidates for the most important job in the world are both a little nutty. And what does that make the many folks who vote for them?

Bring on Bernie or Hillary!!
(Nat'l. Progressive)