Thursday, February 16, 2017


I have been trying my best to keep my own negative thoughts to myself about the current state of our government. I give up and give in!

The chaos surrounding our new president and his administration still tops all of the daily news headlines. It's hard to miss. Many of us have been disgusted by this man and his shameful rhetoric since before the beginning of the past election campaign. The offensive way he doggedly pursued President Obama's proof of citizenship was despicable -- and ignorant. The way he currently dismisses, condemns, or claims that any news he doesn't agree with is "fake news", as well as spouting erroneous statistics that put him in the position of being called "liar, liar, pants on fire" by many of his detractors only confirms the belief that he is ignorant.

I never watched his show The Apprentice, but a time or two at someone else's house it happened to be turned on. Only seeing and hearing a few minutes of this show, I was shocked at the tyrannical method he used with the guests on his show. He seemed to love saying the words, "You're fired!" And then, there were the words out of his own mouth on TV for all to hear about the way he chose to greet women. Ugh! The backlash he received by way of the huge women's march, thousands around the globe joining in wearing their pink "Pussy Caps", some complete with cat ears, was undeniably a show of outrage from women everywhere for this leader of the most powerful country in the world.
Some of the proposed spending cuts and/or defunding of numerous programs or agencies including National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, and nonprofits such as Planned Parenthood will be cause for more resistance not only from women. If the GOP has its way and the president goes along with proposals to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits, the country may experience an uprising akin to a second American Revolution!

From the PBS website this week: "...Post-inauguration reports that the new administration was quick to clamp down on the flow of information from some federal agencies prompted additional anxiety among librarians. 

..There is no scheduled librarian march on Washington, for example, like scientists have planned for Earth Day (though librarians with library science degrees say they will be joining in)......(It is believed that) librarians will coalesce against (the) President.. in large, physical numbers if the administration threatens funding to any major library institutions, such as the Library of Congress or National Archives."

Read this excellent article about what scientists, programmers, professors and digital librarians are doing. Guerrilla Archivists "Structured like all-day hackathons and organized by volunteers, the events focus on downloading federal science—especially climate-change related—data sets from government websites and uploading them to a new website,,"


Second Amendment advocates are minuscule compared to the army of  volunteers who are working now and will in the future to preserve and maintain vital scientific data that should be available to the American people. Our First Amendment rights are at risk should they fail in their efforts. (Some data is already being deleted from the White House website.) The lengths these dedicated people are going to in order to keep free public access to important information that may not be in agreement with the current administration's agenda, should make us realize how scary the situation is in today's White House. 
I have started and not finished several blog posts before this one. It is difficult to keep up with the news coverage. Many articles say what I wish to say, and they often point out the latest White House events that are cause for concern. I decided to go ahead and put my two cents in anyway. After all, he has become the favorite subject of our late night comedians. 

As I began this yesterday, I still tried to keep up with news reports and opinions. I ran across this article in The Atlantic, and had to laugh. As you may have noticed, I do not mention the new president's name. I just can't bring myself to put it in writing, as I feel he represents the worst in our society. Reading this article, I discovered that I am not alone in refusing to use his name. On Not Saying His Name 

When he goes on camera to deliver a speech, it is so obvious that his speeches are written by someone else. He reads them haltingly, using grammar and language not part of his usual speech pattern. It was apparent when he appeared with Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. He was so unconvincing in the spoken words which he read in their entirety that I almost felt sorry for him. The young Prime Minister showed so much more class and was obviously at ease with his own speech, which he delivered without having to read it.

The president is over his head in trying to govern in the manner in which he ran his business. His frustration with the massive bureaucracy is mounting the longer he is in office, and we suspect it won't be long before he blows up in public, truly being the embarrassment we all feel. I suspect the GOP, in their mostly silent support, are waiting until they wring out as much as they can that they've had on their agenda since before Obama's administration. (Then -- maybe -- impeachment? It may be sooner than we think.) The constant flak created by the administration has been a welcome distraction for them as the Republicans go about their business of trying to dismantle Obama's legacy. 

The impromptu, hour and a half long, news conference the president held today to announce his new Secretary of Labor was exhausting. His beating up on the media showed him again as the bully he is. Nothing about this man is presidential. 

When asked what we could do about him, someone said to me "All we can do now is pray for him!"

Peace and Hope,

I just made a correction about the article I read in The Atlantic. I previously said it was from The New Yorker. This was in regards to "not saying his name"! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

From Melancholy to Hope

It's been over two months since I last wrote anything here. It's not that I haven't had anything to say. It's mostly because I have been so angry, upset, and even depressed since the election. I know how powerful words are, which reminds me of the old admonition passed down from grandmothers, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I also am very aware of the (Spiritual) Law of Reciprocity, meant to encourage positive actions/words. In simple terms, "what you send out comes back to you tenfold". Of course, I am also aware that "negative reciprocity occurs when an action that has a negative effect upon someone else is reciprocated with an action that has approximately equal negative effect upon another"...Trade  I've had enough negative happening in my life the past few years without adding additional experiences or criticism. 

Related image

In my estimation, there is nothing "nice" that I can say about our new President. As for not-nice, one only has to look at the internet news headlines or turn on the television news to hear enough about this man and his history to make up your own mind. What he and his administration are doing and will continue to do appears to be so dreadful that one can only hope that "negative reciprocity" will swing back on them with tremendous force. Preferably before his four-year term is up. Impeachment, anyone? (Whoops! Am I sending out something that may come back to bite me?)

The one positive thing that appears to be due to the new Presidency is the DOW reaching 20,000 for the first time ever. If you look at the facts that 86% of stocks are owned by the top 10% of the population, the most benefit will go to those privileged elite. And of course, the upswing was already in play before the election, during Obama's administration.


I don't think we hear enough about the big money being spent on elections by the huge corporations and billionaires. We can no longer believe that our votes will truly be the ones to elect our government officials. Or that those elected will have the poor and middle-class Americans' interests at heart. It is yet to be seen how the actions taken by our new President will affect the disenfranchised people who voted for him. 

As of 2014, the U.S. Congress was nicknamed the "Millionaires' Club', because for the first time in history more than half of the members were worth over one million dollars. Those statistics are outdated now. I'm certain more have joined the Club. 

(Photo: Stan Honda/AFP)
Former President Jimmy Carter
His opinion on Citizens United:
"It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors and U.S. Senators and Congress members. So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over..." America Is No Longer a Democracy

(Matthew Effect - go left)
On a much brighter note, my oldest grandson Cameron took the trip of a lifetime during the past few weeks. He saved diligently for this trip, and has posted many photos and a diary of his travels throughout India on his Facebook page. The highlight of his trip must have been the days he spent at the Burmese Monastery in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India. He returned home a couple of days ago. I'm hoping to get more details of his experiences once he settles in and gets caught up on his work. The photos he sent to me are enchanting... even some he took of elephants in the surrounding jungle. 

Here is his first communication his dad got from Facebook:
January 15, 2017
Cameron and two new friends in India.
"So in just several days in India I: watched thousands of Hindus bathe in the Ganges river in observance of Makar Sakranti, attended a Spanish-speaking Catholic mass in the presence of Mother Theresa's remains, and in two days, I will be sitting under the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya where The Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. I must admit, that for much of this journey I felt my normally open heart begin to clench. Being in places especially like Mumbai, where tourists are considered scam bait, it's easy for that to happen. But as time goes by and these amazing experiences continue to unfold, I sense my heart opening up with newfound levels of gratitude, love, and trust that I didn't know were possible."

As I've said before, Cameron and his generation are the hope of the future of the United States of America. Compassionate, empathetic, intelligent, and eager to embrace the world, honor and take care of it, and make it a better place for all.

This Grandmama and her generation can take lessons from them.

Peace and love,

Friday, November 11, 2016


We lost a giant in music yesterday. The lyrics to this song,"Anthem", describe how so many of us feel about now. It is as appropriate today, if not more so than in 2008.  A "crack in everything".. But we must remember, as he says, "That's how the Light gets in.." 

RIP Leonard Cohen

We will see the Light again.

Love and Hope for tomorrow,


"Tonight was food for my soul. I spent the evening with 4 teenage youth whose compassion and world views left me inspired. We laughed. We cried a little. We made jokes about Putin. We listened to George Harrison. We talked about our fears, especially for our marginalized friends in this country. We talked about our own struggles with bullying and depression. We sang.

My faith, philosophies, practice, and way of life tell me that no matter who you voted for, you too have worth and dignity and are deserving of love and respect. You are a Buddha to me. I'm not going to unfriend you nor stop trying to have a dialogue with you based on your beliefs, and I recognize there is grave danger in thinking that way.

I also recognize that rural, working class America has been, in large part, disenfranchised, and this election was a manifestation of that anger and a way of saying 'We still exist.' I know you, too, have had pain and economic despair, and while I think you have chosen absolutely the wrong leader who does not represent your best interests at all, this shows that we as a nation failed to listen. I hear you.

We truly live in two Americas now. I just wish there were some way for me to convey in my heart of hearts to those of you on the other side that the fear for their lives and personhood my friends are feeling is REAL. My black friends. My trans friends. My queer friends. My immigrant friends. My Muslim friends. My female friends who now know that what kind of domain they have over their bodies may rest in the hands of someone who admittedly views said bodies as objects. The persecution of these groups is nothing new, but we have a president elect who has endorsed this persecution, and so that fear and despair has been exacerbated. 8 trans youth have committed suicide since yesterday. If you still really don't think such oppression exists in supposedly the greatest country in the world, it does. It's real. So please try and take some time to understand that. I beg you.

I wish I had answers to such chaos. I could talk about peace and unity, but that's really just rhetoric. We can't have either of these until we put an end to such atrocities our siblings are experiencing. Let's make it so."

Signing off at 5:40 am.            

Cameron Young
Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Westside Unitarian Universalist Church
Fort Worth, TX
I appreciate your interest in my perspective. 
I voted for Hillary, and admittedly, I was shocked and appalled that Trump won. As everyone knows, none of the polls predicted he could have won, and watching Florida and Pennsylvania swing Republican left me feeling pretty hopeless.

Policies aside, I believe that the U.S. President has much greater duties than the head of the executive branch and commander-in-chief. The president should be a role-model for children and reflect the values Americans hold most dear. Unfortunately, I feel Trump has fallen vastly short in this regard, and I fear for a generation that looks up to him. He blatantly lies, makes racist, misogynistic, homophobic remarks, and relies on petty insults and horrendously inappropriate language. Trump lacks the grace and respect for others that the U.S. President needs. Trump capitalizes on the fears of voters and the American people. Trump wants to build a border wall, a project that, in my opinion, is a step away (from) world peace and cooperation. To my greatest dismay, Trump denies global warming. Trump hopes to weaken the EPA and reverse the role Obama has played in green energy, which I find incredibly ignorant, irresponsible, and disgusting. One's respect for the Earth often indicates a degree of intelligence, and in this case, I think it highlights Trump's selfish, egotistical mindset.

I could continue, and I want to continue. However, the U.S. has made its decision. Trump is going to be president, and no amount of protesting is going to change that. The election IS over. A beautiful aspect of America is the peaceful transition of power, and the American people need to remember how lucky we are to be in a country where an election like this wouldn't result in a civil war.

At first, I found it hard to look at my friends who voted for Trump, but I realized how wrong it was to think differently of someone I respected for political reasons. I still love my friends who voted for him, and I feel guilty for doubting that. I think America needs to move past the election. 

Citizens need to remember that we are all fellow Americans. Those who think Trump will ruin their lives are exaggerating. The divisive nature of our country caused this awful election, and I hope that we learned our lesson to prevent another election like this. Trump-voter or not, we all need to keep our heads up and continue striving to make this world a better place for the next generation." ..Tanner

Like any proud grandmother, my eyes teared up as I swelled with pride for these two young men. Cameron is my oldest grandchild, and Tanner voted for the very first time this year. He is a senior in high school. When I wrote him that he was no longer the little boy I remember so well. (The one who hid from me in the library cupboard.) He responded, "I'll always be a kid at heart. I promise!"

I have highlighted many events in the lives of these two on this blog. They are among the finest in the nation of their generation. Their parents, my older son Craig, and daughter Carajean and her husband Branch, are to be congratulated upon raising such fine men. Our future will be secure in their hands one day. They are handling the election results better than a lot of us "elders".

Cameron first posted the above on his Facebook page following election night. I heard from a good friend who remembers him from his childhood days singing at our Unity Church, "I was incredibly impressed with what Cameron posted on Facebook. Wonderfully astute young man. Hope I'll be voting for HIM for president some day!"

We might  just do that, Pam.

Peace, Love, and Hope for our future.


I'm sorry to interrupt the flow if you were reading this, but I just received a powerful statement from my granddaughter, Hannah, who is Cameron's sister. Not old enough to vote yet, but look out, world, she's on her way!

"It is frightening and hurtful to me that a man who ran a campaign based on fear-mongering and the scapegoating of already marginalized people
could ever win the presidency. In these days following the election, I've had it shoved down my throat again and again that not all of the people who cast their votes for Trump were hateful bigots, and did it for 'purely economic reasons'. Forget that fact that no part of me agrees with his economic policies, but even voting for him because you want a few tax breaks is turning your backs on people who are facing a very real threat in the form of this man.

I can't help but feel that, on Tuesday, the system failed us. I am scared as a woman, as a sister to a biracial woman, and a friend to all communities. Women's diseases are a very real possibility in my family, and, because Planned Parenthood is basically doomed, I might one day be at a place where I can not afford, therefore not receive, the lifesaving tests that they offer. My close friend's family is covered by Obamacare, and as soon as it is repealed, she will no longer be able to afford her birth control. Already, we are seeing people of all minorities, be it gay or Latino, being accosted on the street, because the election of Trump told bigots that their hate is both okay and justified. We are facing a real possibility of a conservative Supreme Court, which will have the largest lasting effect. With all of this and more, it's hard not to feel that we, as a nation, are doomed.

But we will persevere. We will continue to march in protests, with signs proclaiming that, 'Love Trumps Hate', as is within our 1st Amendment rights (though Republicans seem to have glazed over this fact in their hurry to proclaim their 2nd Amendment right, but oh, well). And I feel blessed that the first election I will be able to vote in is the 2018 midterm elections, because we will get a Democratic majority in Congress, if I have to go out and walk every street in America myself, campaigning for the Democratic candidates. But people ages 18-44 voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. Statistically, if millennials had been the only ones voting, only about three states would have been red. So I have hope. I have real hope in the future for a kinder, safer, and more empathetic America for everyone who cares to come. And I hope to be working on the front lines of this change. On Tuesday, a glass ceiling was meant to be shattered, but I still have hope that someday soon it will. Either way, #ImWithHer, always."

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in our family, does it? Proud Dad, Craig is with me I'm certain when I say "I'm with HER".

You go, girl.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


I continue to get feedback from family and friends regarding the aftermath of the presidential election. Here are a few..

"I am embarrassed and afraid for my country. I feel so sad that I've left this kind of nation for my children.".. son Craig, Dallas, TX

"Well, it looks like the U.S. did exactly what Putin wanted...It is too bad, indeed....My dad was a highly-skilled, blue-collar worker and he would never have voted for Trump. Dad especially would not have voted for Trump when he started talking about what a great leader Putin is, but I will betcha that most of my cousins voted for Trump. Some of them are blue collar and some of them are white collar. Some are business owners. All dreadfully wrong."..Cliffie S., Coppell, TX

"I am sick beyond sick . . . It's going to take quite a lot for me to come to terms with this."..Pam L., Denton, TX

"I'm willing to wait and see how it goes. Worried about my insurance coverage...Hoping this is not a huge setback for us women. We have worked so hard to be where we are. Just going to take a wait and see attitude."..Carol W., Denton, TX

A daughter of a dear friend of mine from high school lost both of her parents in recent years. She lives in the very small, conservative west Texas town where we knew each other. As she knows my family and so many of the ones who read my blog, I always include her. Here is what she has to say about the election:
"I started to cry as I was reading. You know Mom and Dad were that's how I lean. I feel so alone and like an outcast in this area. I don't start a politics talk to anyone, and very rarely express my opinion."..Amy B., Ballinger, TX

Yes, indeed, her parents were avid Democrats. Sadly, there are few left in that small town. I feel sure this is happening in many rural towns in the U.S.  If you happen to live in one, and you are one of the few Democrats, reach out to others who might be feeling like "outcasts". My dear Amy, you are not alone.
My friend Jack finally came out of his shock mode and said, "I can't think very much. I feel like someone sucker punched me right on the jaw. More then anything I have fear. Imagine a man whose staff took his Twitter account away from him. Who's going to be there to take away the Nuclear Code? I greatly fear nuclear war in the future. Trump does not have the emotional control to be a national leader. I will not go so far as to say he is crazy, but he does have mental problems."..John Nance Garner V, Denton, TX

Jack wrote the following before the election. I substituted "voted" for "vote" in his original Letter to the Editor:
"If you voted for Donald Trump, you are saying sexual assault is all right with you.
If you voted for Donald Trump you are telling the world that lies do not matter.
If you voted for Donald Trump you voted for bigotry.
If you voted for Donald Trump you told the world that it is all right to treat women like second class citizens.
If you voted for Donald Trump you are in effect showing that Black Lives don't matter.
If you voted for Donald Trump you approve of tax cuts for the 1% of the nation's richest.
If you voted for Donald Trump you are satisfied with the super-rich paying little or no taxes.
If you voted for Donald Trump you have no respect for Latinos.
If you voted for Donald Trump it shows you stand for everything negative about him.
That's what voting for Trump says about you."

Lots of cartoons are expressing our feelings about this election. This one has to be my favorite. I think we all woke up feeling this way yesterday.
(David Rowe Cartoon)
I have more reactions for another time. In fact, I'd be willing to bet there will be many unfavorable reviews of this new president-elect during the next four years. May we stand firm in our belief that America is already great, that no one person can tear down all of our beloved institutions, and that we will learn lessons from this election. Hopefully, most of those lessons will be apparent to the disenfranchised voters who put this man in office. 

Above all, let's keep our sense of humor. After all, we will have a clown for president.

Peace, love, and hope for the future,

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"The world just caved in.."

said my friend, John Nance Garner, V. (Jack)

His famous uncle, John Nance Garner, IV, former Democratic Speaker of the House, and also 32nd Vice President under Roosevelt, was noted for his quote, describing the Vice-Presidency as being "not worth a bucket of warm piss". One wonders what he would say about today's politicians.

Jack has had a few choice words of his own regarding the now President Trump and his Vice President Pence, however, he said he couldn't share them yet - they are "too profane". Something about a "bucket of glue"?

I'm sure I'll hear more out of Jack shortly.

"The people have spoken—and the people have set in motion a path that threatens our republic, at least as we know it. They have chosen to take the country in the direction of illiberal democracy. They have selected a leader who hates the First Amendment, who has shown a proclivity for imposing religious and ethnic tests on the citizenry, a leader who has benefited from an enemy power’s intervention in our democratic process. Donald Trump is not my president, and perhaps he’s not yours, but he will have more power over us—and the inclination to use it—than any president in American history.".. Franklin Foer, Slate

On Trump's mocking of a disabled reporter:
"If this was a member of your family or a next-door neighbor, a guy at work -- you would immediately distance yourself from that person," Letterman says of Trump's lack of civility. "And that's what I thought would happen. Because if you can do that in a national forum, that says to me that you are a damaged human being. If you can do that, and not apologize, you're a person to be shunned."..David Letterman on the NYTimes


"Words are not enough. Tears are not enough. My beloved country is now in the hands of an immoral, egocentric racist and his minions. How happy Putin is today. God help us all."..June C. from OK

"I am in shock. We have, in my opinion, now alerted the universe that the U.S. has the most stupid, self-destructive people on earth...What is happening??? I woke up around 3:30 AM and thought, well let me turn on the news and see how badly she beat him. I could not go back to sleep. I turned it off and waited a bit and turned it back on because I was SURE I was hallucinating or something...And I bet the people who voted for Cheeto in Charge didn't even look at what that fool who is now V.P. did in his state. I'm not watching any news either. The U.S. has now declared to the world that we have more stupid people who vote than anywhere else.​"..Rita B. from NC

"(Watch) Hillary’s concession speech this morning. Just as classy as you would expect from this intelligent and able woman. And I think her words describe the way we should all try to go forward." Martha N., Austin, TX

"Disgust. Sadly, racism and ignorance are the driving force.." daughter, Carajean, Amarillo, TX

Grandson Tanner who turned 18 last August and voted for the first time, was so disappointed that he didn't want to go to school this morning.

Granddaughter Hannah, although not old enough to vote yet, was also very unhappy. To quote her dad, Craig, she's "having a breakdown" over the election results.

"Very disappointing that Hillary did not win. While her winning was never assured, I thought she would pull it off before the results began reaching the media otherwise. Truthfully, it so disturbed me that when I woke up during the night, I had to take an ambien to get back to sleep. I mean to say I was bothered. 

So many social issues and global issues at stake. From what I hear, it was the white male non-college educated that got Trump elected. We are living in a new age where everything is going to change."...Truman C., San Antonio, TX

           A former classmate, Denny, who has a second home in Warsaw,  is
planning to go to Poland in December during the semester break where he teaches at Stony Brook University. After the election results, I asked if he just might decide to stay in Poland. He replied, "Unfortunately I have to be back to teach on Jan 23, so I will return to Trumpland on Jan 18th." Denny was so fed up with the campaign this year he decided like a lot of us to quit watching the U.S. news coverage. He has many international friends who think we have gone crazy even nominating Trump. Bet he hates to face them now.

A final note for now from a beloved friend. 

"My thoughts after the election:      It is time for deep, personal reflection 
and what we can all do to be more inclusive of those who have felt disenfranchised, unheard, forgotten, and left with a sense of hopelessness. The voices/votes of the 'silent majority' have been heard and it is disheartening that so many American men and women have not felt as if they matter. This was/is the open door that led to the election outcome.

Time to affirm that the power of light and love are restoring our nation! We are all in this TOGETHER." Carin H., Denton, TX 

Beautifully said, Carin. 

Thanks to all of you for your input. If you wish to send me your thoughts as well, they will be welcomed and posted at a later time. In the meantime, let's all take a deep breath and say to ourselves, "This, too, shall pass." And remember, over half the voters in our country voted for a saner candidate.

Peace and love and prayers for our country,

Sunday, November 6, 2016


I have started several blog posts in the past few weeks, but as I gave up on my news fast and started watching some of the campaign news I've fallen into a blue funk. (Note I said "blue".) This morning the tension and accompanying stress were so prominent in the newscasts on broadcast TV that I didn't even have to hear the actual words they were saying for the energy to hit me full on. I kept switching channels until I reached one of the PBS channels.
(Striped Hyena - It's even got the hair!)
Guess what they were featuring? Hyenas! I immediately correlated that animal with another disgusting, ugly, bottom feeder who's running for President. (I just couldn't get away from him.) "Generally, hyenas are known to drive off larger predators, like lions, from their kills, despite having a reputation in popular culture for being cowardly." .. "Hyenas are commonly viewed as frightening and worthy of contempt, ... In some cultures, hyenas are thought to influence people’s spirits, rob graves, and steal livestock and children." (Wikipedia)  I know, I know. These scavenging creatures are a necessary being in our ecosystem. So are vultures. But as our president?

I don't even like to speculate what kind of government we would have if this hyena is elected.
"The number of Klan-affiliated groups in America grew to 190 last year, up from 72 in 2014, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report, titled 'The Year in Hate and Extremism.'" Also in this report, "The number of (hate) groups on the American radical right, according to the latest count by the Southern Poverty Law Center, expanded from 784 in 2014 to 892 in 2015 — a 14% increase."

Not surprisingly, contributing to this rise in hate groups has been the ongoing campaign of Donald Trump, as well as other GOP candidates and supporters. These groups include anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-abortion, neo-Nazi, and White Nationalists groups among others. There seems to be "something or someone for everyone" to hate.

Our democracy is destined to become a thing of the past if Trump is elected and his supporters predominate in governing our country.

Listen carefully to your heart and get out there and vote for equality, responsibility, decency, fairness, and true democracy. Vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who stand for these values. Then, it is up to all of us to see that these values are upheld and fulfilled.

Peace and Love,