Friday, March 30, 2018


Tanner went to Ecuador in January with students from UC Berkeley and some other college to work on an environmental engineering (his major) project involving bamboo. (They built a "house" from bamboo.) He is currently a freshman at the University of Texas. They were there for a week, and he made a couple of new friends who also attend UT. (After looking at a website for Ecuador, his mom said, "I want to go, too!" ) The last I heard, Tanner is planning to attend film school this summer, and work at a part-time job.

Hannah, a senior at Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School in Dallas, will graduate this spring. She has been extremely busy recently interviewing at several different universities here in Texas, and recently she flew to Syracuse, NY to interview at Syracuse University. (They paid for her trip.) She had her interview, and according to her dad, Craig, it went well. He said she didn't sound too enthusiastic about the snow, however! Of course, we would prefer she go to one of the Texas universities, but like a lot of young teens, she is anxious to get far away from home. That is probably true for most college freshmen - at least until the first real case of homesickness sets in.

Hannah also recently directed a play at Booker T. Even though she aspires to be an attorney some day, Hannah is a talented playwright.. and apparently a talented director.

Ashlyn will graduate in May as well, from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Nutritional Science. She plans to spend the summer in Austin, working part-time, and studying for the GRE. (Graduate Record Examination. Created and administered by Educational Testing Service, it is used by thousands of graduate and business schools to make admission and fellowship decisions.) Currently, her plans are to go to graduate school to become a Physician Assistant (PA) as her mother did. We are hoping she applies to a PA school nearby. I've seen too little of this grandchild while she's attended OSU.

During winter break, Ashlyn went with her big sister, Audrey, and a friend to Big Bend, where they stayed in a rented cabin. Audrey took this amazing photo inside the cabin. I love this even more because Ashlyn is such a spiritual young woman.

This is Easter weekend. Daughter Carajean and her family are going to come over tomorrow after visiting an exhibition of Salvador Dali's paintings. I can think of a better artist to view on a Holy weekend. Although, hopefully, it will broaden the grandchildren's interest in famous artists and artwork. They are talented in the arts in many ways -- music, dance, photography, and film -- however, there are no artists in their family. Yet.

I've baked cookies, but I really miss dying Easter eggs for the kids to hunt! Time flies, and they grow up way too fast!

Craig, Carajean, Matthew
Easter 1972
Matthew's Children - Kelly and Travis
Easter 2011

Happy Easter -- a day of overcoming! 

With love,