Sunday, August 21, 2011


It is near the anniversary of my sister's death. I thought it appropriate to run this tribute to her again. Her leaving us at such a young age left a big hole in our lives.


MAY 24, 1942 ~ AUGUST 27, 2009

JEAN HILL was born May 24, 1942 in San Angelo, Texas to Viola Mae Varga, who preceded her in death in 2008, and Jarvis Frank Moragne. After a long illness, Jean died on August 27, 2009.

In May 1959 Jean married Carroll E. Edwards from Ballinger, Texas. Shortly after their marriage, they moved to England where Carroll was stationed with the United States Air Force. Their son, Terry Carroll was born while they were in England. In 1966 their daughter Gigi Diane was born in Dallas, Texas.

Jean was a talented hair stylist, whose clientele included a Miss Texas during the seventies. She had one client who regularly flew to Dallas from Houston to have Jean cut and style her hair. Jean worked at the same neighborhood beauty salon in Irving for nearly 20 years, making many long term friends of her clients, until her retirement in the eighties.

On Valentine's Day, 1986, Jean married Michael E. Hill in Plano, Texas, where they made their home. Jean became a second mother to two more wonderful children, Mike's children, Michael and Kristi. She loved them like her own. Jean was a beautiful, vibrant personality. She was an excellent cook, loved to play games of any kind... was an expert at video games... and also loved to entertain frequently in her home. She and Mike enjoyed traveling, and visited many countries of the world.

Although Jean was seriously ill the last few years, she remained an inspiration to all who knew and loved her. Her courage and happy spirit under very difficult, painful circumstances left one uplifted after being in her presence.

Jean is survived by her father of Mineral Wells, Texas, her husband Michael E. Hill, sons Terry C. Edwards of Denton, Texas, Michael G. Hill of Midlothian, Texas; daughters Gigi Riederer of Plano and Kristi Grant of Garland; sister Marilyn Moragne of Burnet, Texas; 7 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; and cousin and best friend Debbie Burch of Universal City, Texas. A memorial service was held at the Four Corners Church in Plano, Texas, Saturday, September 12, 2009 to celebrate Jean's life. She left us a legacy of love.


The following was posted on a BHS Class blog I did in 2007. It brings tears to my eyes to read this, but I wanted to share the wonderful sense of humor my baby sister had.

"Many of you may remember my younger sister Jean. Jean is a beautiful, humorous soul who gives the family many instances of laughter. The following took place in the spring of 2006. She is still very much "with us", although the transplant has not taken place. One has to be cancer-free for five years in order to be considered for one. I hope you enjoy this. She would be laughing with you if she were present!"


"My sister Jean recently underwent extensive medical testing to see if she were healthy enough for a lung transplant. She told a story on herself that had me laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. The story goes like this: Jean had visited a medical professional building for a variety of tests. She had just had blood and sputum (she said she had never heard spit called this before) samples taken and she was directed to the next office where two pulmonary technicians were awaiting her. She went in and said to them, 'Well, I've just had a blood test and a scrotum test, now what are you going to do?' The two technicians burst out laughing. After explaining to her what she had said and what it meant, they all had a big laugh and were in good spirits while they conducted the scheduled breathing tests. As she was leaving, Jean, in her inimitable fashion, turned to them and said, 'I guess you will always remember me as the sperm lady!' Whereupon, the technicians lost it again! Later she repeated the story at the beauty salon she goes to, getting the words mixed up again, as Jean often does. Her 'nail lady', recognizing a good story, rehearsed Jean over and over on the word 'sputum' so she could properly tell her story!

Unfortunately – or as it turns out, fortunately, one of her tests was a long overdue mammogram. It detected a lump in her breast which has indefinitely postponed consideration for a lung transplant.

Jean called me to tell me that the biopsy showed the lump was malignant and they were going to operate. I asked her if they would have to do a mastectomy. She replied, 'Oh, no, the doctor said they definitely weren’t going to do a vasectomy!' No matter how serious the occasion, I could not help laughing at her. When I told her what she said, we both roared.

Suddenly, she whispered, 'You don’t suppose I’m a man inside trying to get out, do you??'

Gotta love her! A side note. Jean has since had a lumpectomy and the doctors felt certain they removed the entire malignancy. She did not have to have chemotherapy or radiation. She’s doing quite well, and is very philosophical about the whole experience. She went for the lung transplant series of tests against her better judgment. She really was frightened of the transplant and not sure she wanted one. Now she believes the whole purpose of this experience was to discover the lump in her breast.

God works in mysterious ways indeed."


And yes, Jean is "still with us" -- just in another form.

Say "I love you" to your loved ones today,