Monday, January 7, 2013


I am approaching the end of a long journey that started in August of last year, when the owners of my previous home wished to double my rent or sell the house I lived in. (The economy has taken its toll on everyone!) I was well into the process of settling my dad's affairs, after his illness forced him into a nursing facility in May. The next few months were probably the most stressful -- physically and emotionally I have ever experienced. There were many times I felt like just giving up. BUT, that is not my nature. I persevered, packing all 164 boxes for the monumental task of downsizing from a 3-bedroom, 1,200 square foot house to a 2-bedroom, 800 square foot cottage near the lake only three and a half miles from my son Matthew and his family. I moved on December 3rd, after having an estate sale at my dad's home in Mineral Wells the first of October and a garage sale of my own belongings the first week in November. Whew!!

As you can see in these videos, the first few weeks of labor have created some semblance of a cozy little home. (Little being the defining word!) Son Matthew and daughter Carajean contributed to the efforts of making order out of what at first appeared to be an impossible feat.  (With only the office/guest room yet to be worked on, I will soon be ready for some overnight guests!) During this time, son Craig filled in for me by visiting his grandfather at the nursing home, being there for Dad's 94th birthday!
Day 3 After Move-In
During the first visit from grandchildren Travis and Kelly, I let them decorate a small fiber optic Christmas tree I had left out of storage so it would add a little festive atmosphere during the holidays. No time for big decorations or outdoor lights! I enjoyed my neighbors' outdoor decor, though, as I kept my granddog, Jasmine, for two weeks while Matthew and his family spent the holidays with Carajean's family in Amarillo. Jasmine and I made many outdoor trips during those two weeks. The cheerful lights and decorations made our walks more enjoyable, in spite of the colder than normal temperatures! For the first time in my life, I walked a dog while holding an umbrella on two occasions! Jasmine didn't mind the rain and sleet, but Grandmommy did! She was good company for me, as the inclement weather kept us indoors most of the two weeks. I watched lots of Netflix, with Jasmine curled up on a pad at my feet. I wish I had taken photos of her while she was here, but Matthew took this photo on her first night home with her loving family. Boy and his dog were happy to be together again!
I am looking forward to living here and exploring the area around our little group of cottages, which were built sometime during the 70s as a retreat. There is a park across the street that is filled with children, pets, and laughter every time the sun comes out and there is no school. I've already witnessed many of the local wildlife, too!

I have been so busy putting one foot in front of the other that I've not really given much thought to New Year's resolutions. However, one I think I will make (notice I give myself an out!) is to write more prolifically on this blog, as well as catching up with old friends and school chums. My next post on this blog will be to brag on my grandchildren's accomplishments -- and they were many -- for the past few months.

In the meantime, may this year be the best ever for each of us, and may we know an abundance of 

Love and peace,